Vous recherchez une idée pour fêter l’anniversaire de votre enfant à Monaco ? Lui proposer des activités ludiques et des jeux personnalisés ?
Vous avez pour votre événement de mariage une demande précise nous prenons en charge votre demande et vous faisons des propositions répondants à vos attentes.

Isabelle, general manager of birthday services in Monaco proposes you the "birthdays for children at home" and offers you an original service with playful workshops, cooperative games and treasure hunts, pirates !

Strong of these experiences, Isabelle, by a support for fun children, will not fail to seduce you by deploying all his energy to provide a service where parents and children are sure to enjoy a great moment of relaxation. parents and children are sure to enjoy a great moment of relaxation.

Some formulas additional you are proposed in order to facilitate this exceptional day, and stay available along with your guests we offer : buffets sweet or savoury cakes and children.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in order to set all his desires for this special day that you offer him.

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Birthdays for the Children in Monaco. Formulas adapted according to your child's age. 2:30 show with a limit of 12 children.

Organisation Anniversaire

Anniversaires à thème Monaco, Nice

Les petites fêtes d’isabelle. Anniversaires à thème pour enfants, cadeaux, buffet, goûters, ateliers ludiques à Monaco, Nice. Des dizaines de thèmes, Pirates, Danses, Maquillages etc…