Anniversaire Enfants Monaco Ballons

Balloon theme

Thème : Ballon

Anniversaire pour les Enfants

Process and events :

  • Maquillage
  • Balloon Sculptures
  • Atelier plastique dingue réalisations bijoux, petites fresques ou porte-clé
  • Taste and opening gifts

Colorful birthday ! Balloon Sculptures.
In front of their astonished little eyes, the animator creates sculptures and learns the techniques of this art so that the children can make them themselves. A "crazy plastic" workshop ! Flowers, animals, objects of all kinds, children will make a jewelry, small frescoes or keychain. And, to color the whole thing, our host will make up the children with the tips of her brushes, with high-color makeup !
Goûter et ouverture des cadeaux pour un maximum de 12 enfants.

Duration of service : 2:30

Tous âges. Filles et Garçons.

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